Pile On The Pillows!

All of us here at eBedding4You had a look at this website today: After all, most of us believe that there is probably something that we could do to improve our interior design, and bedrooms are often the most difficult to alter. However, one tip from this website that we absolutely loved was the hint about pillows.

No More Boring Bedrooms!

We've all done it: and even if we say that we haven't, a little bit of us is lying. There we are, staying with family or friends, and they lead us proudly up to the guest bedroom . . . and we look at it, trying to plaster a smile across our faces. Truth be told, their guest bedroom is totally fine; but it is just so boring. Beyond boring! And then we start to worry, thinking about our own guest bedroom. Perhaps the furniture is a little dull. Maybe the bedding could do with a change.

Mix Up The Designs To Mix Up Your Bedroom

Sometimes, bringing something new to your interior design in your bedroom can be really difficult. What else is there that you can change? You can change your furniture around, but then it becomes difficult to get around to your bed. Change your curtains, and you suddenly realize how much you love your old ones. As soon as you change something, you begin to question yourself, and you begin to question what on earth you are even trying to do. And of course, the longer that you leave it as it is, the harder it becomes for you to imagine it looking like anything else.

Cozy Bedrooms

After reading through this great article that advises people how to get the maximum amount of storage and light into a small bedroom (, we here at eBedding4You decided to look at the vast number in our collection to see what we think would really enhance a great cozy bedroom. Because let's be honest, we all have one, don't we?

Don't forget the floor

When we think about designing our rooms, we tend to look top down. That means that we start off thinking about the colors and the light elements; we then work down to things like curtains and furniture...and that's when we typically stop. What we often miss out on is the delight that it is to really bring a fun, functional, and beautiful element to our floors. We rarely seem to consider what we are going to put on our floor for very long ñ we decide on carpet, or not, and then just pick the first one that we see that we like.

Mix it up with mismatched quilts

All too often people will spend absolutely hours trying to find that perfect extra little element that they can use within a room, and they will drive themselves mad trying to make sure that it completely matches everything else that is already in the room. The color has to match perfectly, the sheen of the plastics, the grain of the wood, the feel of the fabrics: everything must be identical.

Beautiful Bedroom Quilts

Is there anything more beautiful than a quilt? It can immediately bring a homely, calming, and beautiful element into a bedroom that could easily fall into the trap of just being a little bit boring.

Excite the bedroom with dark accented furniture

Now, the staff here at eBedding4You don't want to make any assumptions about your bedrooms...but we can almost say for definite that there probably needs to be a little bit more excitement there! After all, it is one of the rooms that we spend the most time in. One easy way to bring more interest to your bedroom, and to make it feel a little bit more exotic, is to introduce dark accented furniture into it. Of course, most people are wary of doing this, because they believe that dark furniture will make a room seem a lot darker and smaller.