Sleep Philosophy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow in White, 22x24x7" BASI30-0523
Sleep Philosophy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow in White, 22x24x7" BASI30-0523

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Sleep Philosophy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow in White, 22x24x7" BASI30-0523


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The Sleep Philosophy memory foam bed wedge pillow is designed to provide the perfect incline for a more relaxing and comfortable night’s sleep. The temperature sensitive memory foam helps to alleviate pressure points in your neck and shoulders. Memory foam is also resistant to dust mites and is naturally antimicrobial. The 7" gusset is perfect as a bed pillow but also may be used to elevate your legs to help improve overall circulation. Our wedge pillow comes with an easy to remove zippered, washable soft knit cover. This wedge pillow is also OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it does not contain any harmful substances or chemicals, ensuring quality comfort and wellness.

Memory Foam with zipper removable cover
Cover Material: 100% Polyester

* Wedge shape is the perfect incline for sleeping
* 100% Polyester soft zippered cover is machine washable
* Use beneath the head or legs as needed
* Can be used to elevate legs
* Use under the back for variable support
* OEKO-TEX Certified, includes no harmful substances or chemicals
* Items may come in compressed packaging to ensure efficient shipping
* Please allow 72 hours to ventilate and expand in sunlight

Additional information

Weight4.185022 lbs
Dimensions23.8189 × 6.8898 × 6.8898 in


10 reviews for Sleep Philosophy Memory Foam Wedge Pillow in White, 22x24x7" BASI30-0523

  1. Karrie D

    This wedge has been a great solution for my vertigo while lying down. It offers excellent support, although I still prefer to use a thin pillow for added neck support. I can even sleep comfortably on my side with this wedge.

  2. Stephanie G

    Although it may not be the most comfortable due to its firmness, this product is essential for those with acid reflux as it helps keep them upright. While adding extra pillows may provide more comfort, some may still need to roll off the product for neck relief. Overall, I would recommend this product for its ability to prop up and its lack of odor.

  3. Carmen F

    After trying multiple options for lumbar support, I purchased 3 wedge-shaped foam pillows and found that the Ebung 12″ thick pillow provided the necessary firmness, but was too thick for proper seating. However, as it is advertised as a bed wedge, I cannot fault it for this. It also works well for elevating the torso and head, but I have not found it to be comfortable for sleeping.

  4. Lynne A

    This product requires 72 hours to fully expand after opening, but it provides excellent support for your head and upper body.

  5. Eve M

    After using this pillow for over 2 months due to acid reflux, I have adjusted my review based on my experience sleeping on a wedge. Initially, I wasn’t a fan but as a side sleeper with shoulder pain, this wedge has greatly improved my sleep by creating a comfortable space for my arm. I stack regular pillows against my headboard and place the wedge in front, creating a narrow “trench” for my arm.

  6. Dana F

    This product reduced my snoring, although I sometimes slip off the pillow at night. I’m not sure if it’s because of me or the product, but I might order a few more just in case.

  7. Laurie B

    My step mom’s purchase of this product years ago is still fully inflated and functioning flawlessly, while the one I ordered from the same company took a week to unpack and never fully expanded, making it inconvenient for post-surgery use.

  8. Jennifer H

    Decent so far.

  9. Nikki Brey R

    I would give this product a 5 for its effectiveness, but the small packaging caused me to deduct a star. It took longer than the advertised 2-48 hours for it to fully expand, but it provided much-needed relief for my shoulder surgery recovery.

  10. Roxanna S

    The inflation process takes over 48 hours to complete.

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